Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

Much to the kids’ dismay, many of us don’t tend to start dusting of the decorations until early December, even though your neighbours might have had their Christmas tree up weeks ago!
Christmas trees tend to become the centrepiece of our homes over the festive season and people take a lot of pride in them, ensuring they look perfect! But the burning question is – real or artificial? Well, we have gathered a few advantages and disadvantages to help you decide!

Artificial Trees
+ There is little or no mess with an artificial tree as they do not shed needles, nor do they need to be maintained once they have been put up.
+ The same tree can be used each year.
+ They are great for people or families who have allergies relating to plants and trees.
- The Carbon Trust claim that you would need to reuse an artificial Christmas tree for around ten years for its environmental impact to be less than a real tree!
- They tend to be made up of non-renewable resources like petroleum or plastic, which aren’t easily disposed of or recycled.

Real Trees
+ For many, the fresh pine scent is the epitome of Christmas and the task of picking out a Christmas tree adds to the memory book.
+ Although, they take 7-10 years to plant and grow, they are easily accessible during the run up to Christmas.
+ They have a significantly lower carbon footprint than artificial trees; they are recyclable and many tree specialists plant a new tree for every tree that is picked, to sustain the rural economy!
+ For many, the fresh pine scent is one that encapsulates Christmas.
- Purchasing a real Christmas tree can work out to be more expensive in the long term, as they don’t last as long as artificial trees.
- They can be quite messy when putting up and decorating due to their needles dropping.

So there you have it – yes, real Christmas trees can be messier, but it’s up to you to decide whether they are worth the authenticity and Christmassy aroma! Whatever you decide, we wish you the most enjoyable festive season that involves lots of fun times, great food and new memories!

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