October Garden Jobs

October is a wonderful time of year. The leaves are turning an assortment of beautiful colours and the days are getting cool and crisp. Nature looks beautiful right now and your garden can be just as stunning.

Autumn flowering plants can be added to your borders, hanging baskets and containers to make your garden colourful. Pansies, violas and cyclamen are all great for striking floral displays. Late flowering perennials include Sedums, Asters and Japanese Anemones – perfect for filling out your garden with colour and interest.

Autumn is also the ideal time to plant hedges, trees and shrubs. Whether you need to move them within your garden or if you would like new plants, now is the time to get them. This allows the plants to establish themselves before spring and summer, so you will have fantastic displays. So if you have always wanted that fruit tree or ornamental shrub, you have the perfect excuse to invest in your garden!

Your pruning skills will be used a lot at this time of year. There are a number of plants which will need to be cut back, including climbing and rambling roses or perennials which have started to die back. Evergreen plants will also need some care, this will be their final trim of the year. Taking time to get them looking great now will make sure they look perfect all winter.

Don’t forget to stock up on garden fleece. Once the frosts start, you can cover your younger or less hardy plants with fleece overnight to help protect them from the cold weather. Fleece will also protect plants from wind and hail, and is a must have in your garden over the cooler winter months.

Lastly, think about your garden next year. If you would like to help our pollinators next year you should be sowing your wildflower seeds now. Sow them directly in to the ground before it freezes ready for stunning displays the bees and butterflies will appreciate next year.

Looking ahead to winter, you may be thinking about wreaths for your door. A live wreath is a great way to make the most of the plants already in your garden. You can make stunning Autumnal wreaths, which then can be changed in to Christmas wreaths.

Wreaths can contain all sorts of plants, from traditional evergreen foliage and holly berries to sedums and fresh herbs! The lovely thing about a homemade wreath is you can customise it to your style.

It is best for a wreath to be cool and not in direct sunlight, this will help the longevity of the cut plants. Mist the front and back of the wreath with water every 2-3 days to help the cut stems have water to drink. A live wreath should last 2-3 weeks inside, and longer if it is cool outdoors. You can even make it ahead of time and keep in the fridge or garage ready to display!

If you would like any help or advice with your garden come in store and have a chat with us or send us an email. We are happy to help.

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