Coffee Shop Iron Acton

Iron Acton Garden Centre - Coffee Shop Our coffee shop in Iron Acton Garden Centre is full of treats for people in the Iron Acton neighbourhood. Those travelling across the main road also take a stop at our cafe for a delicious cup of coffee or tea with some of our homemade chocolate cake. The restaurant also offers many options for a filling lunch served warm, fresh, full of nutrition, and with love.


Dropping by our coffee shop in Iron Acton          

If you are driving through the area after an afternoon of shopping, meeting a friend after a long while, or just thinking about having your favourite cup of coffee in a peaceful cafe, you must visit Iron Acton tea shop.

  • We have decorated the coffee shop with simplistic interior design in mind. The walls are filled with our garden centre’s pictures and some of the staff’s. The floor is simply decorated with plants in containers, and the furniture includes round wooden tables with weave chairs and sofas across the hall.
  • Our menu is filled with mouth-watering treats of a variety of kinds. Apart from a number of types of tea and coffee, you can expect many kinds of cake (chocolate, cheese, fruit, and their many combinations), sandwiches, cheese, biscuits, and other snacks to go with them. For lunch, we offer a number of traditional English meals that will feel very familiar to your palate and fill you nicely.
  • You can also request to book our coffee shop in Iron Acton for a small party or get-together for the family, friends, or staff. We have celebrated birthdays and small weddings in the cafe with special meals, confectionery, cakes, and snacks for the occasion.


Little bites & big meals under one roof

Our coffee shop in Iron Acton is a unique place in the area that serves warm breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. It is unique for the many flavours we offer in our menu, the minimalistic decoration we have in the tea room, and for the love our guests have been giving it. We are often complimented for maintaining a high standard of quality for our menu of snacks, little bites, and lunch meals. With our trained, friendly staff, the difficult task of keeping all of these things running to the clock becomes quite easy.


The best cup of coffee in Iron Acton

Another thing our coffee shop in Iron Acton often receives compliments on is the classic taste of our coffee and the traditional English flavours of our tea. Many of our guests often ask for another cup, which is in itself a huge compliment for our kitchen.

Being a garden centre, we have much more to offer than just a coffee shop. You can also visit us for a wide selection of garden centre products, such as a wide selection of bird food!