Grass and Anemone Festival

We love to celebrate plants here at Iron Acton Garden Centre. 


During August and September we are focusing on Grasses and Anemones. Our Gardener's Club Members can make the most of our great offers and savings on these plant throughout August and September. Find out more about our Gardener's Club here.


What do we mean by Grass?

When we say grass, we don't mean the grass creating your lawn! Ornamental grasses can be used to great effect in your gardens, they can provide a calming presence or an eye catching feature. Grasses are fantastic as they are wonderfully versatile, there will be a grass to suit every area of your garden; from damp areas to dry, sunny to full shade. Many are ideal for gravelled areas, rockeries, wildlife gardens and containers. Planting grasses in pots around your patio creates a beautiful privacy screen, or placing them in borders and beds adds texture and movement. 


Why are Grasses great for my garden?

  • Shade loving
  • Ornamental foliage for your garden
  • Requires virtually no maintenance


What are Anemones?

Anemones are simple flowers which are available in an abundance of colours. Daisy like flowers sit above striking foliage, and the flowering height and time of year very much depend on the species of anemone. A Japanese Anemone, for example, will bloom in late Summer and early Autumn, whilst the Grecian windflower blooms in the Spring. 


Anemones grow well in borders and beds, as well as containers. They also make lovely cut flowers for your home, so devoting a good section of your garden to them is a great way to bring colour and beauty to your home, both inside and out! 


Why are Anemones great for my garden?

  • Add splashes of colour
  • Low maintenance
  • Good for partially shaded areas


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These offers run 1st August - 30th September 2019. 

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