Pre Pack Potato Sharpe’s Express

Sharpe’s Express is a heirloom variety introduced in 1900 by Charles Sharpe of Sleaford, Lincolnshire. It is Pear shaped with bright white flesh, smooth skin and a superb ‘new potato’ flavour. Boil whole in skins (as it is floury) It great hot with butter or cold with salads. favourite amongst ‘home-growers’ for many years. Best cooked whole (Either boiled or steamed) perfect for Christmas dinner! 

Harvest a generous crop from autumn to mid-winter, by planting these specially selected, cold-treated seed potatoes in late July and August. Kept dormant in a temperature-controlled environment, they can be planted (without chitting) into a well prepared bed or potato planting bag. Approximately twelve weeks later they will be ready to start lifting. 9 Tubers


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