In these days of unpredictable weather a drought is never far away, so kit yourself out to keep your plants going through even the driest summer from the wide range of watering equipment we have to offer in our Garden Centre. Here's what you'll need to make sure your plants need never go thirsty again.

Watering cans: These are useful all year, and if you are in an area subject to a hosepipe ban, you will definitely need one. Larger 10- litre and 5-litre cans keep the garden going, while small 1-litre cans are ideal for seedlings and houseplants.

Water butts: Waterbutts store rainwater so you don't have to use up precious tap water. These days they come in a wide range of designs: you can even connect them together to double your storage capacity.

Hoses and attachments: These make watering so easy, here at Chepstow we stock everything from spray guns to sprinklers in our range. Leaky hoses conserve water, too: lay them alongside your plants to deliver water where it's needed - waste not want not!

Automated watering systems:  Free yourself from those watering chores and sit back and relax to enjoy your garden. Connect dripper systems via a hose to a timer, set to water whenever you want without you having to lift a finger.