Easy Growbag Watering

We have come up with 2 easy watering systems designed specifically for growbags:


1. Botanico Grow Bag Watering Pots

The botanico Grow Bag Watering Pots are designed to make the frequent task of watering plants in grow bags easier.

The large capacity reservoir of each unit drip feeds the plants, delivering the water directly to the roots where it is needed the most.

 When used in conjunction with traditional growing bags, the central raised pot creates a deeper planting depth to encourage a more extensive root system to develop.
 Ideal for use with tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, peppers and many other seasonal fruit and vegetable plants.

Planting up your Grow Bag Watering Pots

Remove the plastic sections from the grow bag and push the grow bag watering pots into the surface of the growing media until level with the reservoir base.

Position the plant in the central pot and fill with a similar type of compost used in the grow bag or border.  A cane could also be inserted into the central pot area to tie the stems for support.
Water the plants thoroughly using the central pot to settle the compost around the root ball of the plants.
Watering Guidelines
Regular watering of plants such as tomatoes is essential to develop tasty fruits and prevent splitting.  Initially you will need to water the plants using the central pot - until the roots have had time to grow down into the surrounding growing media.  This will take approximately 2 weeks. After this initial period you can deliver the water into the outer reservoir, adjusting the amount of water depending on the size of the plants and temperature.  Make drainage holes in the bag - so any excess water can drain away.

Follow the manufacturers guidelines when feeding. Pour the feed into the central pot to concentrate the nutrients directly into the roots.
Care & Maintenance
Regularly check the drainage holes in the base to make sure they are clear. Clean the watering pots with a garden sterilant at the end of the season.


2. Hozelock Growbag Waterer

Features a large capacity 15 litre reservoir that will keep plants watered for up to 14 days.

Water is delivered directly to the plants roots through unique capillary watering spikes that help prevent plants from drought and minimise water wastage.

Key Features:

  •     Waters plants for up to 14 days
  •     Healthier plants & better results
  •     Easy to set-up and re-useable


  1.     15 litre water reservoir saves plants from drought while away from home
  2.     Watering spikes pierce grow bag and keep plants constantly watered
  3.     Convenient indicator to monitor water level and base can be filled using watering can or hose pipe connector
  4.     Includes cane holders to provide solid base for plant support

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