Gro-Sure Planting Magic!

For guaranteed planting success all you need is Gro-Sure Planting Magic. It contains the perfect mix of nutrients, soil conditioners and special moisture controlling granules to give your new plants the best possible start for spectacular results. It goes on looking after your plants for the whole season, so your roses, trees, shrubs, bedding, herbaceous plants, and even fruit and vegetables, will flourish.




Gro-Sure Planting Magic contains a carefully balanced mix of ingredients to guarantee you will get amazing results from every plant, in every garden, every time.


  • Seaweed is a fantastic natural product that adds valuable nutrients to the soil, it helps to sustain healthy plant growth for visibly better results.

  • These slow release nutrient granules ensures your plant continues to thrive and receive the nourishment it needs for 6 months!

  • Water-storing pockets help counteract over and under-watering, cleverly holding onto their own weight in water and then encouraging drainage of excess water away from the roots.

  • Gro-Sure fast acting nutrients for more flowers, fruit and vegetables


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