How To Plant a Shrub

For most gardens, evergreen shrubs are the backbone of the structure, providing foliage all year and creating a backdrop for other planting and interest throughout the gardening calendar. September and October, along with March provide the perfect planting window for putting shrubs (and trees) into the garden. Evergreen shrubs can also be moved at this time of the year too. The soil is still warm enough for shrubs to settle into their new home. They need less water at this time than they would if planted in summer and stand a real chance of establishing themselves before the frosts come.



Autumn is a good time to plant new shrubs as the ground is still warm and anything planted at this time requires less water as generally the soil is quite moist.

  1. Dig a hole for the new plant and add some garden compost or bone meal to help revitalize the soil. This will give the shrub a head start.

  1. Soak the plant in the container an hour or so beforehand and then gently ease it out of the pot, teasing out any roots if pot bound.

  1. Plant the plant at the same depth as before, easing the soil around the plant and firming the soil around with your hands.

  2. Water well and mulch around the plant with garden compost, chipped bark or leaf mould to conserve moisture.

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