Phalaenopsis Orchid

Originating from Asia and Australia, where they grow on tree trunks, the beautiful and captivating Phalaenopsis Orchid, otherwise known as the “Moth Orchid” is a perfect addition for any home. Contrary to what many would believe they are extremely easy to care for and with a few guidelines adhered to they are within everyone’s capability. They are available in an array of colours from purples to pinks and whites. Many boast an exquisite blend of two colours, with many giving the impression of an almost velvet like texture.



Avoid direct sunlight but position in a bright well lit location.

A north facing or ideally an east facing windowsill is perfect for them.

They enjoy a temperature range of between 18oC to22oC.



Over-watering an orchid can do more harm than good. Equally they do not like to dry out. In the summer months water your orchid every 2-3 days and in the winter months every 10 days or so. Dunk the pot in water; let it stand for a while to soak up the water and then let it drain. Do not it sit the orchid in water for any long period. An ORCHID MYSTcan be used to mist the leaves and any exposed roots.




Feed regularly, especially in the flowering period. Use a VITAX DRIP FEED ORCHID PLANT FOOD for a nutrient rich boost for strong healthy plants.




This is best done in spring or early summer, after blooming. However matureplants can stay in their pots for many years.To re-pot,remove any old rotted roots.Usingaclear pot, as orchids grow best in this type of pot and specialist OrchidCompost, partially fill the newlarger pot with some compost.Place the orchid on the new compost and refill around the plant with the fresh compost, making sure nogaps are made. Make sure the upper roots and stem sit on top of the compost. 




Cut the flowering stalk back just above the eye near the leaves. A new flower stalk will develop that will go on to flower. If it doesn’t re-flower then put in a colder room or the autumn months and this should promote growth.

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