Cheer Up Your Winter Garden

Winter in the garden doesn't have to be dull!  There are loads of plants available that provide colour and interest throughout the year, then come into their own in the winter months. From ornamental trees and berrying shrubs, to winter flowering climbers and herbaceous perennials, there are plenty to choose from to add structure, colour and fragrance to your winter garden.

Don't worry if you forgot to plant your snowdrops and daffodils last year as we have a fantastic collection of ready-to-go potted spring bulbs. Come in and see our colourful selection of narcissus, crocus, bluebells, snowdrops, tulips and hyacinths.

And often overlooked at this time of year are the winter flowering bedding plants. These will cheer up a garden even on the dullest winter day, because they are specially bred to flower in very limited light. Pansies, violas, primroses and polyanthus are firm favorites at this time of year to add splashes of colour to your pots and baskets as well as your borders.