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Welcome to Iron Acton Garden Centre, a family owned and run business since 2010. Located just on the edge of Iron Acton on the B4058, we take pride in offering you the best customer service together with great value products. Not only will you find all your gardening needs under one roof, we also have a lovely coffee shop for you to relax in and enjoy some home cooked fayre. We hope to see you soon.

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Allotment Sue

Allotment Sue brings you regular updates on her journey to self-sufficiency.  Share her experiences as she tackles the ups and downs of growing her own fruit, veg, flowers and herbs as well as coping with the challenges of erratic weather, invasive weeds and peckish birds!

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Annual cutting gardens

Filling your house with the colour and fragrance of fresh flowers cut from the garden is one of the great pleasures of gardening. The trouble is, though, if you take all the flowers from the garden, there's nothing left to look at outside.

The answer is to create yourself a cutting gard…

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Growmore 3.5kg

Ideal as a base & top dressing…

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Sweet peas

To get the most from your sweet pea plants pinch out the growing tips when they reach about 6-7in (15-18cm) tall. Simply pinch out the top 3in (7.5cm) of the main shoot down to another leaf bud.

Plant of the Week: Japanese azalea

Plant of the Week: Japanese azalea

If you adore the exuberant, day-glo colours and handsome, glossy leaves of the rhododendron family, yet you haven't room for large shrubs in your garden – try Japanese azaleas.

They're every bit as colourful as their bigger cousins, but only grow to about a metre tall – perfect for smaller gardens and containers of ericaceous (lime-free) compost. The smaller, daintier flowers are quite charming: enjoy the ruffled white flowers of 'Niagara', blotched in green, or 'Irohayama', in pale lavender. The curious 'hose-in-hose' double flowers of 'Coral Bells' are pink, and scented too. Give them dappled shade and damp soil and they'll give you pleasure for years to come.