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Welcome to Iron Acton Garden Centre, a family owned and run independent garden centre. Come and see us for a great selection of seasonal plants, gardening products, gifts and furniture, as well as trained and friendly staff who are always on hand to help. We hope to see you soon.

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Allotment Sue

Allotment Sue brings you regular updates on her journey to self-sufficiency.  Share her experiences as she tackles the ups and downs of growing her own fruit, veg, flowers and herbs as well as coping with the challenges of erratic weather, invasive weeds and peckish birds!

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Keeping up the harvest

Planting a veg garden really kicks off the year. By the end of March you'll have bought new potatoes and onion sets from our South Gloucestershire garden centre and tucked them into their new homes, and with a bit of luck you'll be getting out those seed packets you chose from our extensi…

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Staking perennials

Border plants are making good growth now but much of this can become vulnerable to damage from heavy rain and high wind. Therefore staking or supporting is important: use twiggy sticks (known as pea sticks), canes, round mesh or wire supports, or plastic-coated stakes to protect them. Make sure you do this before the damage is caused.

Plant of the Week: Japanese azalea

Plant of the Week: Japanese azalea

For a real floral feast to take you into early summer, Japanese azaleas are a treat. These miniature evergreen rhododendron relatives are compact enough to fit into any garden – but they give a pyrotechnic display of colour out of all proportion to their size.

Look out for pure white 'Niagara', its frilly flowers blotched in pale green, and 'Irohayama' with lavender-tinted white flowers. For something brighter, 'Blue Danube' comes in deep mauve-violet, and the lipstick-pink flowers of 'Kermesina Rose' are edged in white. All azaleas need moist, acid soil to thrive, so if yours is neutral or alkaline grow in pots of ericaceous (acidic) compost.