Make Nature a Home

Make Nature a Home!

We like to make our house a home but what about our gardens? Our gardens are a host for countless wildlife families, from buzzing bees, hidey hedgehogs, and beguiling butterflies. Caring for natures citizens is as easy as caring for our own friends and family. With our tips and tricks, you can make nature a home in your garden and turn it in to a natural highway for the bustling world of animals and insects. 

How about planting some pollinator party favourites to help the yellow and black stripes patrol your garden all summer through? A great choice is lavender, this plant is rich in nectar for all pollinators, and its marvellous fragrance and bold colour is great to attract wildlife. Bees can see the colour purple more clearly than any other colour, so the bold deep purple of lavender is a great beacon for your garden. Rosemary is another multi-talented choice of plant to add to your menagerie of natural beauties. Rosemary has an array of culinary uses, from jams to butters to oil, rosemary is a versatile herb to have in your arsenal. So, it is a practical plant to grow in your garden so you can feed not just bees but you as well.

Help to feed our friends who fly high above us and perch on our fences like elegant statues of the natural world. Bird feeders are an easy and efficient way to feed our feathered friends. For extra ease we have Peckish ready to use bird feeders packed full of delicious bird feed and is reusable once your birds have had their fill. However, if savvy squirrels are a pest in your outdoor paradise consider investing in a squirrel proof bird feeder like our Barn Cage Light Solar Seed Feeder. This feeder is lunch for the birds by day and a solar light by night, designed to keep larger birds and squirrels out.

After feeding your new friends, look to creating a nest for then to nestle down and rest their heads. If you do not have any suitable trees or hedges,  an ideal alternative would be a bird box. We have a great selection to choose from online and in store, like these bird boxes below. There is a style to suit every garden and bird lover.

Once we have looked to the sky it is time to turn our gaze back to the grounds and to our hedges where our shy hedgehogs like to hide until the sun sets and their fun begins. With busy roads and dangerous paths, it is an amazing idea to create a little slice of Eden for our humble hedgehogs to seek refuge while they sleep and eat. Creating holes and access points in your fences and barriers will help them to access your garden and roam far and wide for food. Hedgehogs live anywhere they can find shelter. Keep them safe by checking for hedgehogs before using mowers or strimmer’s and check your compost heaps before raking them over. Like our feathered friends its always helpful to leave a little something to help our new garden guests along, we have specialised food for hedgehogs, so you know you’re giving them the right help. 

Applying these handy tips and tricks will make your garden a bustling oasis of mother nature’s creations. All these creatures play a vital part in the ongoing cycle of life within your garden, so it important for us to lend a hand and thank them with these little gestures of kindness.

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