GYO Blackberries

Blackberries are prolific producers and easy to grow. They lend themselves to being trained against a wall or grown between two posts on wires. They are excellent in jams, puddings, desserts and sorbets. They are best eaten freshly picked but can also be frozen for later use.


Growing Tips


  • Choose a spot where they will be in the sun for at least part of the day. They will produce fruit in any soil but do best in slightly acidic soil. Limey soil should be enriched with leaf mould or well-rotted farmyard manure.


  • Blackberries are sold in containers so they can be planted at any time of the year; however autumn to spring is the optimum time for planting.


  • The best way is to train blackberries is on wires, strained between posts or alternatively on a wall or fence with vine eyes.


  • Blackberries bear fruit on the previous season’s growth.


  • There are two methods of training the canes. The first one is to simply pull one season’s canes over to one side, then train the following seasons canes to the other side. Alternatively fan out the fruiting canes and lead the new canes up the middle and tie them temporarily up the top wire.


  • At the end of the fruiting season cut down the fruiting canes to ground level. If you bundled the new growth together on the top wire train them to replace the canes that have been cut.


  • Feed in spring with a general fertilizer.

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